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Prime Movers

Prime Mover is a mover with a strong and robust engine that has a massive capability to pull over bulky loads. These vehicles are called "puller vehicles" or "heavy-duty trucks" as well. They come up with semi-trailers to carry freight. The powerhouse of these prime movers towing a semi-trailer is the engine on which they work because this task will lay flat.

Are you confused about whom to go to if you need such assistance? Don't worry. Angad Group is here to take all your troubles away. We offer solutions to all transportation needs. With 9 years of experience, we make sure the safe and timely delivery of heavy trailered loads. There is no denying the fact that with these robust trucks you can move the world. Yes, the power of these trucks and the load they can take is another level of amazement! With us, moving your heavy cargo has become an easy task. Our prime mover truck services are of help to people who are thinking about relocating big bulky stuff over distances, safely.

Our Prime Movers with Semi-Trailer, we can move livestock, bulky trailered loads, vehicles, and WHAT NOT!

One truck or the entire fleet of vehicles, we don't fear the project we are assigned. We have a huge army of prime mover services at our firm. Day time delivery or night time? It is entirely your call. You say it and we do it for you. You just have to tell us where and when and we will perform the task with utmost care and security.

Our drivers are experienced and licensed and we can readily transport any model with our professional team and fleet. We are leading transportation services in Australia and our reputation is secured by our clients and their favorable past feedback. We operate very safely on roads making sure of the responsibility we have taken on our shoulders. From our initial stepping into this world, we have grown so much and this we credit to our loving customers and their valuable support and faith in us throughout.

Are you confused regarding how to transport extremely bulky heavy goods over long distances?

Angad Group is the answer to your question. Don't worry, just get in touch with us and we will do it all for you. Our service is fast, safe, and secured. We have a huge delivery network in Australia. Our Prime Movers have the capacity of carrying heavy loads to different locations.

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